From Bare to Beautiful: Ways You Can Breathe New Life to Your Patio

The pleasure of having a new home is making it your own, and if you are like most new homeowners, your back patio deck could sometimes be neglected. It is certainly a blank slate that needs some spicing up, and worst, your patio could even end up as the main entrance to your home, especially if your driveway loops around the back. It will definitely not leave a good impression. If cash is not a problem, you can hire experts in patios Perth has today but if you want to save, you can also go DIY.


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Late spring provides you with a great time to be outdoors unwinding and entertaining. However, if your Perth patios are not that inviting, you might want to jazz it up a little so you can have the outdoor patio of your dreams. If your patio is small, decorating it can be challenging but with a little planning and lots of creativity, you can definitely transform even the tiniest patio into an outdoor haven.

1. Select a Colour Scheme for your Patio. Pick a basic colour palette and stay with it. Tie in your floor covering and furniture accents to make a cohesive look to your space. Outdoor rugs are an incredible approach to characterize a sitting area. You can choose bold patterns with high-contrast hues or neutral palettes for a more tranquil look.

2. Consider Patio Umbrellas. Using a wood patio umbrella is a traditional way of decorating your patio. It serves as a great accent to any wood furniture. However, it is not ideal to keep an open umbrella on your patio unless it is being used. You may need to keep an eye on it just in case it is stressed by the wind.

3. Purchase Comfortable Outdoor Furniture. Make sure to pick furniture that are comfortable and additionally appealing. Cushions and pillows complement the overall theme and make a comfortable and welcoming seating area. Make sure to pick outdoor fabrics that are mould resistant. It is also important that your cushions are waterproof to resist light rain, occasional downpour or splashes from a pool if you have one nearby. You can ask recommendations from experts in patios Perth wide for the type of furniture perfect for your patio.

4. Hang Some Outdoor Lights. Create an ambiance by using outdoor lighting. String lights and lamps can transform small spaces into comfortable retreats! You can maximise the space when you hang lighting instead of placing it on a tabletop. You can buy these at supplies store for patios Perth WA has to offer.

5. Add greenery to Spruce up Your Outdoor Space. Make use of plants to design your patio.  Greenery goes a long way toward creating an enticing outdoor space while also providing privacy. You can also make use of hanging plants, window boxes and vertical plantings to augment your garden area.

Patio additions are among the pinnacle recouping value that you may add to a home. If you think transforming your patio is a challenging task, you can hire experts in patios Perth – has today to help you out. Professional patio builders Perth has today are adept at transforming bare patio spaces into charming ones.