Open Sesame: You’re Guide To The Different Types of Garage Doors

You’ve probably taken steps to improve the interior of your home, but what about the outside? Additional details about sectional garage doors Melbourne

Particularly speaking, what about your garage doors?

What about it?

You might think it’s still functional. But is it still pleasing?

With good, handsome looks, a reasonable cost, and a solid ROI getting new sectional garage doors Melbourne offers a triple win in all of your curb appeal projects.

But, with the Melbourne garage door market offering you tons of choices, how do you even choose one?

Read on and you’ll know exactly what you need!

1. The Sectionals

The sectional garage doors Melbourne are the most common of all.

The panel of Melbourne garage doors has broken into sections, thus the name, with hinges holding them together. These hinges also allow the door panel to bend that affects how it opens.

Sectional garage doors move in a vertical direction until it touches the top of the door opening. Then it will start to bend and move parallel to the ceiling of the garage along its horizontal rack.

The reason why this type of garage door is so popular is that it is designed for a compact operation and neatly store into the roof space. Also, the closed structure and the lack of penetration points make this type one of the most secure type available. Plus, it allows for automation and you can easily upgrade to sectional automatic garage doors version.

2. The Sliders

Round the corner or slide to the side garage doors is one of the oldest methods of operating garage doors. Thus, in this modern age, you will not see garage doors like this too often. Check ECO Garage Doors for more details.

With this type, you will need to slide to the side garage door bend to one side, running parallel to the wall. Some doors might even have a slide to the side garage doors inside that does not have a lot of headroom.

3. The Roll-Ups

Mainly used for commercial garages and other storage units, roll-up garage doors are something you don’t see in homes unless you have a mansion with a collection of cars.

When the roll-up garage door is opening, it will start to roll around the barrel which is found above the door opening inside. This is thanks to the horizontal slats which allow the garage door to bend and curve.

4. The Hinged

Like the sectional garage doors Melbourne has to offer, side-hinged garage doors are another traditional style. Also called the swing-out types, these doors look like big barn doors when they are opened or closed.

Instead of hinges in between the sections, this kind of garage door has hinges placed on its sides, so that the garage doors swing open instead of moving to the side or up. Additionally, you can customize the hinges so that the doors can have an outward or inward swing from your home.

These are just some of the most common kinds of garage doors. There are others out there. Want some suggestions or in need of custom garage doors? Contact now!