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The Benefits of Moving To A Student Accommodation

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Want to study far from home and experience living independently? Perhaps you’re a foreign student looking to study in Australia? If so, you might be confused and unsure where to live.

Australia offers superb student accommodations from homestays and shared student accommodation to college dorms and university-managed accommodations.

Here are some of the benefits of living independently in student accommodations here in Australia.

  1. Make Friends

A shared student accommodation is perhaps the best way to make friends in your new surroundings. Most student accommodation means that you will be living with several other people, studying in the same institution as you or nearby universities.

Thus, you will often study, dine and hang out with people in the building. You will have someone you can talk to as well as someone to share amazing experiences.

Whether you need someone too proofread your project, or simply need some suggestions for the best restaurants in town, when living in student accommodation, you will always have a roommate or neighbour to help you out.

In addition, most student accommodation providers organise regular gatherings, holiday celebrations, dinners as well as social events in order to bring residents together and giving you the chance to meet more people.

  1. The Affordability

Since student accommodation is tailored to fit the needs of students, providers often take the student budget into consideration. Most providers offering student accommodation have all-inclusive rent.

Unlike private rentals, utility bills such as water, electricity and even the internet costs are covered in a single payment. So, it is easier for you to budget your allowance each month.

  1. Well-Equipped Rooms

Although you have several options to choose from, most student accommodation in Australia offers the essentials such as seating, bed, shelving, and desk. This means that you do not have to worry about setting up on a new, blank space.

You can move in instantly with your stuff without the hassle of moving furniture. In addition, most student accommodations in Australia offer communal areas, outdoor terraces, gyms, and other facilities. This only means that the whole building is fully equipped for everyday student living as well as having fun weekend activities.

  1. Security and Safety

It can be quite scary moving to a new place to study. Most providers know that. Thus, couple student accommodation offers superior security in the form of swipe card access and building passcodes, on-site security teams and CCTV systems.

This way, you know that your new home, your belongings and yourself are protected, secure and safe from threats.

  1. Location Perfect

Another great reason to rent student accommodation is that mostare close to major educational institutions. Not only that, but they also have close proximity to entertainment hubs and local shopping centres.

And even if you need to travel that is not within walking distance, you will be close to public transport services such as buses, so you can get around the city or town with ease.

Looking for a shared student accommodation that ticks all the benefits above? Check!

A Manager’s Simplified Guide in Costing Real Properties in the Books

Real Estate

Costing is an important accounting step for businesses. Buying a commercial real estate Caloundra brokers offer involves a lot of processes and payments that need proper costing.

Knowing how to cost property in the books can help businesses save from penalties imposed by tax regulators. Aside from that, accurate costing can help managers asses the asset’s performance.

That’s why here’s a simplified guide for managers on how to cost real properties correctly.

The cost of the property

If you survey on the prices of various commercial property for sale Sunshine Coast QLD has to offer, these prices are called “market prices” or “fair market value.”

Aside from its fair value, you have to include directly attributable costs like the following:

  • Commissions for real estate brokers
  • Title search and transfer fees
  • Local assessment taxes
  • Surveying, clearing, and grading costs
  • Title insurance premiums
  • Unpaid taxes assumed by the buyer
  • Unpaid mortgage assumed by the buyer

The local authorities might impose other charges for purchases of commercial real estate Caloundra area. If those costs are necessary to bring the asset to its intended use, capitalised these costs to the land account. See more at Henzells

Estimated restoration costs

If the property’s formation is altered upon use (e.g. mining site), estimated restoration costs must be included in the cost of the land.

Environmental laws and regulations may require entities to restore the property after using it. Examples of these restoration costs are:

  • Costs to uninstall machinery or equipment attached to the land
  • Costs to restore the land into a fertile state
  • Costs to restore the site into an environmental reserve

The management must “estimate” future restoration costs by referring to current market conditions and applying inflation adjustments.

The amount capitalised in the account must be the present value of the estimated restoration cost.

Lease of commercial property

If the company decides to rent commercial property, the transaction would depend on the nature of the lease agreement.

If the property rented is under an operating lease, the lessee will recognise rent expense for rental payments to the lessor.

In contrast, a property rented under a finance lease requires capitalisation of a right-of-use asset and incurrence of the lease liability.

Lease of commercial spaces

Theoretically, leasing commercial spaces can lead to ownership in favour of the lessee. However, in practice, leasing commercial spaces do not lead to ownership.

If the company decides to lease commercial space, the company must only account for the monthly rent expense. There will be no capitalisation of a right-of-use asset because there is no transfer of ownership after the lease term.


The cost of land must include its purchase price at fair value, directly attributable costs, and estimated restoration costs. For a lease of commercial property, capitalisation is required if there is a transfer of ownership after the lease term.

Otherwise, leases of commercial spaces and leases without transfer of ownership will only result in the incurrence of rent expense.

Costing real property in the books can be a tedious task. But, a diligent manager must know how costing works. For more information about commercial real estate Caloundra has to offer, visit now.